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Note: These legal templates are currently only available in Switzerland. Other countries will follow. Reach out to us if you want yours to be next.

How to get up and running
  1. Choose between a stock option plan (ESOP) or phantom stock option plan (PSOP). This guide helps you by comparing their advantages and disadvantes.

  2. Sign up, create your company (free), head to the documents page, click Legal templates and download your template

  3. There are some parts to decide and adjust. The respective guides for ESOP and PSOP will help you to decide.

  4. Contact one of the partnering law firms to answer any remaining questions about your specific needs.

  5. Get your board’s approval.

  6. When all is set, to give the first grant to an employee:

    • Decide the amount to give and adjust the allocation at the end of the contract accordingly.
    • Let the employee sign participation plan agreement.
  1. To track your pool and vesting schedules on Ledgy:

    • Head to the transaction page (free) or incentives page (premium) and create an ESOP or PSOP pool.
    • Add option or phantom option transactions from the pool to your employees (premium).
    • In the first transaction define the vesting schedule from the contract. You can then use it as preset in all the following transactions.
    • Commit the new option grants. This enables email notifications for important vesting events like the cliff end, and your employees can see their grants in their personal portfolio.
    • Invite your employees to give them access to their portfolio.
  2. Congrats, you’re all set!


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