Replace your Excel with Ledgy

Keep the ownership history of your company in a single place. No more shuffling around with different documents, contacting lawyers, having missing pieces, and errors occurring left and right.

Feed Ledgy your company’s information and let our cap table work as the one source of truth for your company equity.

With our quick and easy onboarding process, your legally valid cap table will be set up in no time! No room for errors, Ledgy’s computing is state-of-the-art, and will warn you shall there be any inconsistencies.

Need help? Contact us, and we will assist you in getting started with Ledgy.

Create a cap table

Here an example of how easy it is to perform transactions on Ledgy; in this case, a share transfer. Notice the number in the center bottom? Ledgy is always dynamic and will show you how many shares that particular stakeholder has available at that given point in time.

Available shares for transfer

By the way, if you decide to number your shares, we also got you covered. Ledgy will track who owns which shares for each transaction and assist you in entering valid share numbers.
With Ledgy you can be sure that no single share number goes missing or is assigned twice.

Share number checking

Has your company received funding via a pooled investment? Ledgy helps you understand who owns what stake in your company. In this example, The Exciting Company represents an investor pool with three beneficiaries.

Pooled investment

Each one of your transactions may have some documents associated to it; that is why Ledgy allows you to upload files and attach them to your transactions. These docs can then be downloaded in the Documents page and the investor portfolio History page.

Attach doc to transaction

How much is your company worth? With the valuation transaction, add the share price at all of your valuation events. Our beautiful interactive graphs will show you the evolution of your company’s valuation over time.


Bulk import!

We know it can be tedious to add each person and transaction one by one, so Ledgy has at your disposal the bulk import feature 🚀

Whether it’s your stakeholders, share issues, or option issues, we got you covered. Just copy and paste your information into one of our built-in spreadsheets and voilà! Even easier done than said.

Bulk entry