Keep everyone up to date

With Ledgy, maintaining professional relationships with your stakeholders has never been more straightforward. All it takes is a few clicks to start reducing your amount of paperwork and integrate all of your documents on Ledgy.

Share and download reports including your cap table with the non-diluted and fully-diluted stake of each shareholder (if you have options or phantom stock), your convertibles and ESOPs, and the transaction history, which tracks every change ever made to your cap table. You can even configure them to include signature fields for your board of directors.

PDF export of the share register

Easy-to-set access rights

Maintain the data of your company by setting your access rights on the Stakeholders page.

  • Admin Full control over the company
  • View See all cap table info in a read-only mode
  • Portfolio See only their stake and percentage in their portfolio
Keep everyone happy and let them see what they need to.

Stakeholders access rights

Effort-free holding confirmations

Remember that day last year during tax season when you had to send holding confirmations to each stakeholder, filling out boring Word templates by hand?

We’ve got the solution for you. Ledgy automatically creates holding confirmations for all of your stakeholders, so they can log in to their account and download them.

Reduce hours of tedious work to nothing. Hooray!

Dialog for holding confirmation

The holding confirmation lists all assets that a shareholder owns. You can optionally include a tax value of the shares. Employees will be able to see their stock ownership plans and how many of their total shares they already have vested.
Make your shareholders feel good; they will reward you.

Holding confirmation

Share documents with your investors

Every transaction in your cap table usually comes with a pile of additional documents, like contracts. Get rid of complicated folder structures and attach them directly to your transactions. Ledgy gives you an overview of all documents that you uploaded and their corresponding transactions. Also in your transaction history, you can select any transaction and see all connected documents at a glance.

You can also share your documents by sending a simple link to your shareholders. This eliminates confusion about different versions of documents, as it is often the case when sending documents via email.

Document management